How to improve the efficiency of distribution of leaflets

Leaflets and flyers – a means of attracting customers. These inexpensive advertising media perform a variety of tasks: help unleash the point of sale, to draw attention to goods and services of the company, to bring visitors to the booth, talk about discounts and promotions, etc.

Ways to distribute leaflets, flyers and booklets quite well known to all: it’s mass distribution, the layout of the mailboxes and placement on special devices (dispensers).

However, quite often the return on such advertising is not as great as we would like customers. Consider the basic methods of distributing leaflets and look at how to increase the effectiveness of the advertisement.

1. Mass unaddressed distribution of leaflets and flyers.

The most common way to distribute leaflets and flyers – at the entrances to the subway and other crowded places – large shopping centers, parking lots, etc. The effectiveness of mass distribution increase if finding out leaflets near the advertised object, on the profile exhibition. However, it is necessary to obtain permission from the administration of the exhibition or shopping center on the distribution of the advertised materials. Do not make a big leaflets – better use higher-quality paper.

2. Unfold the flyers in mailboxes.

A very popular way to distribute flyers. In order to increase the effectiveness of flyers, make them bright and showy, otherwise they just “get lost” in the set of promotional materials that just expect potential customers in mailboxes.

3. The use of dispensers.

This method is quite effective, especially when the dispenser is located at the entrance of the advertised object. The size of leaflets and booklets in this should be easy to place promotional material in the dispenser. Dispensers often placed in various retail and commercial centers, restaurants and cafes. The visitor selects his favorite promotional material itself. So your leaflets and booklets should be bright, spectacular, original, stand out from a number of competing print advertising. Sometimes companies use their own dispenser, made in the company style. This greatly increases the interest of clients and increases the effectiveness of your advertising.

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