Booklets or leaflets, what to choose?

Leaflets and booklets – the most cost-effective means for finding customers. It is these means of advertising often use firms and companies with a small advertising budget. However, the question often arises: what advertising medium you should use? That will bring a greater effect, leaflets or booklets?

The booklet is folded several times with folding the printed sheet. Such a form promotes a more convenient form of presentation of information, more presentable mind, very informative.

However, as compared with a leaflet, is used in manufacturing the booklet folding, creasing, and sometimes, the booklet is more expensive advertising tool. Therefore, the booklets are distributed somewhat differently than the passengers. Quite often they are distributed on specialized exhibitions, seminars and presentations where the booklet is a goods and services. Also handed out leaflets in various retail outlets and other crowded places. Given that a booklet – a more expensive product printing, flyer than his attempt to offer customers in the areas close to the advertised object. To disseminate booklets use a rack in cafes, bars, theaters, etc.

Booklets are more representative view and used in situations where the company image considerations can not use cheaper mediums – leaflets.

Leaflet is a printed sheet of paper. This is the cheapest and most popular advertising medium. Although the leaflet brought to effect, it should be bright and eye-catching style, clearly defined the basic idea and convenient format.

Flyer – the most popular promotional tool, printing leaflets very large editions and spread in crowded places and in mailboxes, racks, dispensers, etc. The main purpose of the leaflets – to reach the maximum number of potential customers and at the same time I save.

Therefore, despite the fact that leaflets and booklets – are the means of finding customers the choice between them can only be done given the specificity of the challenges facing the company. Booklets advantage – in a representative form of leaflets – at a lower cost. However, the requirements for the design and maintenance in general the same – a bright and spectacular design, extreme clarity and simplicity of presentation of information, well-decorated contact details.

Those who are interested in the proposed information already offered other promotional products – brochures, catalogs, which are able to communicate in detail to customer information and persuade him to take advantage of your services or buy your products.

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