Booklets or leaflets, what to choose?

Leaflets and booklets – the most cost-effective means for finding customers. It is these means of advertising often use firms and companies with a small advertising budget. However, the question often arises: what advertising medium you should use? That will bring a greater effect, leaflets or booklets?

The booklet is folded several times with folding the printed sheet. Such a form promotes a more convenient form of presentation of information, more presentable mind, very informative.

However, as compared with a leaflet, is used in manufacturing the booklet folding, creasing, and sometimes, the booklet is more expensive advertising tool. Therefore, the booklets are distributed somewhat differently than the passengers. Quite often they are distributed on specialized exhibitions, seminars and presentations where the booklet is a goods and services. Also handed out leaflets in various retail outlets and other crowded places. Given that a booklet – a more expensive product printing, flyer than his attempt to offer customers in the areas close to the advertised object. To disseminate booklets use a rack in cafes, bars, theaters, etc.

Booklets are more representative view and used in situations where the company image considerations can not use cheaper mediums – leaflets.

Leaflet is a printed sheet of paper. This is the cheapest and most popular advertising medium. Although the leaflet brought to effect, it should be bright and eye-catching style, clearly defined the basic idea and convenient format.

Flyer – the most popular promotional tool, printing leaflets very large editions and spread in crowded places and in mailboxes, racks, dispensers, etc. The main purpose of the leaflets – to reach the maximum number of potential customers and at the same time I save.

Therefore, despite the fact that leaflets and booklets – are the means of finding customers the choice between them can only be done given the specificity of the challenges facing the company. Booklets advantage – in a representative form of leaflets – at a lower cost. However, the requirements for the design and maintenance in general the same – a bright and spectacular design, extreme clarity and simplicity of presentation of information, well-decorated contact details.

Those who are interested in the proposed information already offered other promotional products – brochures, catalogs, which are able to communicate in detail to customer information and persuade him to take advantage of your services or buy your products.

How to improve the efficiency of distribution of leaflets

Leaflets and flyers – a means of attracting customers. These inexpensive advertising media perform a variety of tasks: help unleash the point of sale, to draw attention to goods and services of the company, to bring visitors to the booth, talk about discounts and promotions, etc.

Ways to distribute leaflets, flyers and booklets quite well known to all: it’s mass distribution, the layout of the mailboxes and placement on special devices (dispensers).

However, quite often the return on such advertising is not as great as we would like customers. Consider the basic methods of distributing leaflets and look at how to increase the effectiveness of the advertisement.

1. Mass unaddressed distribution of leaflets and flyers.

The most common way to distribute leaflets and flyers – at the entrances to the subway and other crowded places – large shopping centers, parking lots, etc. The effectiveness of mass distribution increase if finding out leaflets near the advertised object, on the profile exhibition. However, it is necessary to obtain permission from the administration of the exhibition or shopping center on the distribution of the advertised materials. Do not make a big leaflets – better use higher-quality paper.

2. Unfold the flyers in mailboxes.

A very popular way to distribute flyers. In order to increase the effectiveness of flyers, make them bright and showy, otherwise they just “get lost” in the set of promotional materials that just expect potential customers in mailboxes.

3. The use of dispensers.

This method is quite effective, especially when the dispenser is located at the entrance of the advertised object. The size of leaflets and booklets in this should be easy to place promotional material in the dispenser. Dispensers often placed in various retail and commercial centers, restaurants and cafes. The visitor selects his favorite promotional material itself. So your leaflets and booklets should be bright, spectacular, original, stand out from a number of competing print advertising. Sometimes companies use their own dispenser, made in the company style. This greatly increases the interest of clients and increases the effectiveness of your advertising.

Selecting a printing method depending on the circulation of leaflets

Rather complex issue for any firm is to determine the circulation of leaflets, flyers or brochures, necessary for the advertising campaign.

We recommend our clients to consider the following factors:

1. Determine a budget advertising campaign, find out the cost of printing in the printing of your run. It is important to bear in mind that the cost of any promotional items made up of factors that do not depend on the ordered circulation (eg, design of leaflets or booklets, fitting equipment, the output of photo or immediately printed forms). In other words, the cost of pre-press does not depend on the size of circulation. The cost of printing a single copy of the sheet depends on the circulation of products (more than circulation, so it is less).

Therefore, when printing offset favorably ordering large circulation of leaflets, in this case, the cost of pre-press, as it were distributed to the entire edition. If your order is small, it is best to use digital printing. There is another option – you can develop enough “universal” sheet products suitable for a variety of promotional activities. A good solution is to develop and “universal layout”. In this case, you can save on the design of promotional products, since it takes only a few to change the information to make it relevant or add information on discounts, etc. Ways to save quite a lot, managers of our printing will always advise you the best option.

2. Plan the circulation of leaflets taking into account the real need for the advertising campaign. Do not rely on the fact that it is always possible “to reprint”. Firstly, any overprint more expensive than printing immediately all the necessary circulation. Secondly, to reprint edition takes time. Therefore it is better to think carefully campaign and all you need to print advertisements to order immediately. This will save you both time and finances.

3. Always consult with the managers of the printing house, do not hesitate to ask questions, to calculate the various editions. Very often managers can tell not only the best way to print and circulation, but also the best format or type of fold – on the manufacturing cost of advertising printing affect many factors.

4. Consider the propagation of promotional products. As a general rule, if the distribution of your advertising media provides the account of your target audience – for example, near the location of an object or advertised on specialized exhibitions, etc.), you may need a smaller edition of promotional materials. At the same mass distribution or layout for mailboxes, you may need a large circulation of leaflets. Therefore, check with your distributor of advertising – they can tell you how much actual printed materials may be required for your advertising campaign.